Expand your portfolio and offer your patients safe immediate implants in all regions including upper molars

The SDS ACCELERATE CONCEPT provides you with everything you need to know to successfully place immediate implants in nearly all sockets.


The following elements play a central role in the successful implementation of immediate implantation and application it SDS ACCELERATE CONCEPTS

Vitamin D3

To receive immediate implants, patients should have a vitamin D3 level of  > 50 ng/ml to ensure a strong immune system

Templates & navigation

Perfect implant positioning can be achieved with the help of a dental splint on the one hand…


…or, on the other hand, by means of template-guided navigation using the SDS BOX based on SMOP & 2INGIS®

SDS implants

The BRIGHT premium implant series provides you with an implant system that is perfectly suited to immediate implant placement in terms of material and shape


The ability to form bone essentially depends on a sufficient supply of the BIG 5 micronutrients D3, K2, C, Mg and omega-3


Ozone disinfects the socket, additionally reducing the risk of infection

Blood plasma and PRF

PRF matrices accelerate wound healing by up to three weeks, making interventions even safer

Special shapes

Expand your repertoire with the special “oval” and “balcony” shapes, creating a perfect emergence profile in the premolar and molar regions

Prevent bone atrophy—opt for immediate implants!

Bone atrophy is generally the result of excessively long periods—i. e. up to several months—between tooth extraction and implant placement. This usually compromises the overall outcome, leaving neither the patient nor the treating dentist or implantologist entirely happy with the result. Our SDS ACCELERATE CONCEPT is the solution to this problem: Immediate placement of ceramic implants resulting in the preservation of esthetics and bone!

The unique Dynamic Thread®

SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS’ unique Dynamic Thread® and various special shapes, such as the balcony implant, allow for safe immediate implant placement in all sockets. Even upper molars can be implanted immediately and successfully.

Accelerate your protocols and meet your patients’ needs!

Attend our SDS ACCELERATE CONCEPT training program, either remotely from home or at a classroom event in your area!


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