Start practicing a new form of dentistry that is cause- and results-oriented and focuses on all-in-one solutions

Single-session treatments

All dental problems are eliminated at once in just a single session or sequence. This is because it is only when all potential interference factors, such as metals, osteonecroses, root-canal-treated teeth and other interference factors, are completely removed that the immune system is able to perform its work to perfection, reliably heal around the implants and eliminate systemic stress.

Vitamin D3

For complex procedures, patients should have a vitamin D3 level of > 70 ng/ml, and an LDL level of < 1.2g/ml to prevent complications


The AIM – ANATOMICAL IMPLANTATION METHOD allows you to place implants in the perfect anatomical positions, symmetrically, at the correct distance from and perfectly parallel to one another


Achieve perfect implant positioning thanks to the template-guided SDS BOX navigation system based on SMOP & 2INGIS®

SDS implants

The BRIGHT premium implant series provides you with an implant system that is perfectly suited to immediate implant placement in terms of material and shape


BASELINE & BOOST, our comprehensive micronutrient product, prepares patients preoperatively and supports healing and bone formation after surgery


Ozone disinfects the socket, additionally reducing the risk of infection


We use the entire LOW SPEED CENTRIFUGATION CONCEPT portfolio according to Ghanaati for our ALLINONE operations

Special shapes

In addition to the standard shapes included in our 1.2_BRIGHT_2.2 premium implant system, other special shapes are available besides the oval and balcony implants: double balcony, sinus implant, shorty. A total of 53 different shapes

SDS ALLINONE is based on three principles

The aim of this concept is to perform all treatment steps in one session, if possible, and it involves the following elements, which are of paramount importance:

Elimination of interference fields

Surgical procedure

Minimally invasive surgical techniques, the removal of all metals, osteonecroses (NICOs), root-canal-treated teeth and other interference fields reduce systemic stress and have been shown to result in telomere lengthening (anti-aging).

Biological dentistry


Looking at your patients from a biological and immunological point of view and using complementary medical therapies will enable you to improve their overall health significantly in the long term.

Ceramic prosthetics

Prosthetic restoration with ceramic implants

The various special implant shapes and biological/immunological properties of zirconia ceramics are the foundation of the highly esthetic prosthetic restorations on SDS implants.

From the world of practice, for the world of practice!

This demanding concept is taught exclusively at our SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION (SBE) CENTER in Kreuzlingen. Only here are you guaranteed to be in immediate proximity to the “cradle” of the ALLINONE concept, the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC. The clinic is located in the same building complex as SBE, just a stone’s throw away.

On the first day of the two-day SDS ALL course, we will keep switching over to the extensive ALLINONE operation taking place live on site at the same time.


SDS ALLINONE is also included in the CIW

The CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY WEEK takes place from Oct. 12 – 13, & 17 – 19, 2022 and includes 4 Level:

  • Level 1 – SDSALL with Dr. Ulrich Volz
  • Level 2 – Case Planning
    Dr. Rebekka Hueber
  • Level 3 – OP Hands-On Course
    Moritz Kneer
  • Level 4 – Prosthodontics Hands-On Course
    Caroline Vollmann

Start practicing a new form of dentistry that is cause- and results-oriented and focuses on all-in-one solutions

Date: Oct. 12 – 13, 2022

Two-day course in Kreuzlingen



When you want it fast!

Dr. Volz has shortened the most important elements of his SDSALL course to 3 hours and put them into a sensational online course with green-screen technology, to which you can easily and quickly register here.