Program Overview

We have re-structured and updated our course offering for the year 2022 under the credo “Result-oriented advanced training”. Furthermore, the user course with Dr. Ulrich Volz is a central part of our training program and will take place under the title “DATE WITH BIOLOGY & ZIRCONIA” from now on.
Existing courses and new workshops have been combined into topic-oriented WEEKS. During a WEEK in Kreuzlingen, you dedicate yourself fully to the respective topic area and focus on it for several days in order to achieve a maximum learning result and to be able to build up comprehensive knowledge.

The organization of congresses is not a novelty for the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION team, but this year we are also developing in this area and are organizing four thematically highly exciting congresses in the EDUCATION CENTER.


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The largest congress of its kind for ceramic implants, blood concentrates and biological dentistry


The courses during the WEEKS are divided into levels that build on each other. Starting with the basics, the required knowledge increases and culminates in expert knowledge and a congress, where the latest scientific findings are extensively exchanged.

The optimal introduction to biological dentistry and ceramic implants

Become an expert in biological dentistry and ceramic implants within one week!

  • Level 1 – DATE WITH BIOLOGY & ZIRCONIA with Dr. Ulrich Volz
  • Level 2 – Case Planning
    Dr. Rebekka Hueber
  • Level 3 – OP Hands-On Course
    Moritz Kneer
  • Level 4 – Prosthodontics Hands-On Course
    Caroline Vollmann

Building on the basics already learned, the following WEEKS offer the perfect opportunity to further your education with a focus on one topic area and to learn new treatment methods and techniques.

The new
SDS Webinars

We offer weekly webinars with our dentists and prosthodontists from the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC so that you can continue your education. Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. (EST) we stream varied lectures with a length of approx. 45 minutes on different topics.

The SDS webinars are free of charge, except for SDSACT (49 €) and SDSACC (99 €) with Dr. Ulrich Volz.

Next Date: Feb. 9, 2022

Online Courses

Online courses are payable by Paypal only. You will receive your access data within 24 hours (on weekends within 48 hours) after receipt of payment to the e-mail address you provided during your registration. Please make sure that you have access to it and check your spam folder if necessary.

Curriculum Webinars

The curriculum webinar package includes the 4 adjacent seminars Nutritional Design, Neural therapy, NICO and PRF & LSCC.