Program Overview

We have re-structured and updated our course offering for the year 2021 under the credo “Result-oriented advanced training”. Furthermore, the user course with Dr. Ulrich Volz is a central part of our training program and will take place under the title “DATE WITH BIOLOGY & ZIRCONIA” from now on.
Existing courses and new workshops have been combined into topic-oriented WEEKS. During a WEEK in Kreuzlingen, you dedicate yourself fully to the respective topic area and focus on it for several days in order to achieve a maximum learning result and to be able to build up comprehensive knowledge.

The organization of congresses is not a novelty for the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION team, but this year we are also developing in this area and are organizing four thematically highly exciting congresses in the EDUCATION CENTER.


(Formerly: Ceramic Implants and Biological Dentistry – User Course)




The courses during the WEEKS are divided into levels that build on each other. Starting with the basics, the required knowledge increases and culminates in expert knowledge and a congress, where the latest scientific findings are extensively exchanged.

BONE AUGMENTATION WEEK: individual levels bookable now

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Networking & exchange during the congresses

The congresses at the SWISS BIOHEALTHEDUCATION CENTER offer a unique opportunity for exchange and networking on the latest scientific findings and developments. They usually take place after the thematic WEEK, where acquired knowledge can be deepened and new synergies can be created.


Swiss Biohealth Week
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