Become a safe user of a scientifically recognized test method in just a few days.

Every day you will find yourself confronted with questions that you cannot answer using the orthodox diagnostic methods that you learned at university or in later training courses! These include the questions:

  • “are all root canals really vital, just because the tooth reacted to the cold test?”
  • “could there still be amalgam under the crown?”
  • “can I be sure that I have really found the final perfect bite position and location now, before I have the prosthetics made for an incredible amount of money?”
  • “have I really cleared out the infection or NICO 100% perfectly clean?”

Since we have had the ART test method (Autonomous Response Test) at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC, all the dentists and doctors, as well as some of the dental assistants, have been able to answer all these questions reliably and in a matter of minutes, which has resulted in a whole new quality of result level and predictability.


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Learning Objectives

  • The autonomic nervous system in the head and dental area
  • The muscle test as an indicator of stress in the system
  • Overview of reliable energetic test methods
  • Direct vs. indirect test methods
  • Reliability and validity

Workshop with practical exercises

  • ART testing of tooth and jaw interference fields. How do I recognise which jaw region or which tooth is involved or is the trigger of the disease symptoms?
  • Direct resonance: Testing for amalgam residues under the crowns and in the jaw. Detection of thioether
  • Test for systemic mercury poisoning: diagnosis and therapy
  • ART testing on the patient, as well as on x-rays of NICO lesions: Detecting size and virulence in advance for better surgery planning. Is the lesion relevant for the client’s symptoms?

Testing of the BISS

  • Allergy testing of dental materials
  • The “arm test” in indirect testing
  • The 7 factors of chronic diseases. ART testing for each of the factors
  • Evaluation of the client’s state of health and symptoms
  • Finding all hidden interference fields and solutions within the dental competence
  • The targeted search for disease triggers in the dental area

The ideal condition for testing is that the dentist and the assistants have the knowledge and ability to implement this method in practice. It is therefore advisable that the dentist and 2 assistants participate in the seminar. In practice, the assistants can take over parts of the testing completely independently. The doctor’s testing part will mainly be used in connection with the operations that are performed. This way the possibilities complement each other perfectly and benefit the patient, the doctor and the assistants.

In the first 3 days of the course, Sabine Schliebusch and Gerlinde Goldner will teach the procedures of ART testing in theory and practice. On the 4th and 5th day of the course, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt will join us and will complete what has been learned in demonstrations and pass on valuable information from his extraordinary wealth of knowledge. On the 6th day Sabine Schliebusch and Gerlinde Goldner will repeat the practical exercises of the ART test.

The course fee is calculated per participating practice team and includes 3 persons.
The test kits and working materials are also included in the course fee.

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May 8 – 15, 2023 (booked out)


6 Days


every day from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.



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Additional Information

The course fee is calculated per participating practice team and includes 3 persons.
The test kits and working materials are also included in the course fee.

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