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With the development of the GAP—GUIDED AUGMENTATION PROTOCOL, we have created something unique. In doing so, we have not only closed a big GAP for you, but also for us and our team of surgeons. We are now finally in a position to augment even the largest bone defects with simultaneous implant placement. And we are always able to do so in the target position rather than in the current position as had been the case previously. Here, the implants were inserted in the augmented sinus on the “first floor” rather than the “ground floor”, simply because the bone augmentation was easy to accomplish in the sinus. We are proud of this development and everything associated with it and would like to demonstrate to you and as many dentists and implantologists as possible this added value as part of many meaningful case presentations and, in particular, using follow-up images that show how this new augmentation perspective and technique works.

After all, the reconstruction of major bone defects remains one of the greatest challenges in dental implantology, and we are sure that you will be excited to see these results. Not only Prof. Dr. mult. Shahram Ghanaati, Dr. Ulrich Volz, Prof. Alain Simonpieri and the young wild surgeons from the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC will present their cases. They will also be joined by a whole host of other surgeons who, as early adopters, have gathered experience with this concept very early on and are already able to present results. Of course, the Hamburg maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Tobias Wilck, who has exclusively been inserting ceramic implants for many years, will also present both of the techniques developed by him for the sinus, namely the LETTER LIFT and MARQUEE techniques. And it also goes without saying that you can look forward to a presentation of the AIM—ANATOMICAL IMPLANTATION METHOD, an innovative parallel guide system that allows you to achieve a whole new quality of precision without any pre-planning for drilling templates.

As we are not as limited in terms of places for this congress as is the case for the BONE AUGMENTATION WEEK, you can of course also book this congress individually if you would like to gain an initial insight into the system and the concept of the GAP—GUIDED AUGMENTATION PROTOCOL. If you have already attended for the entire week, we will only charge you half price for the congress.


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If you have already attended the whole BONE AUGMENTATION WEEK, we will only charge you half price for the congress (Level 5).


Prof. Dr. mult. Shahram Ghanaati, Dr. Ulrich Volz,
Prof. Dr. Alain Simonpieri, Dr. Tobias Wilck

YOUNG PANEL: Dr. Rebekka Hueber, 
Dr. Josephine Tietje, Dr. Stephanie Vergote, Mrs. Paz, n.n.

  • Indication-based bone augmentation measures
  • External/internal sinus lift, letter lift, awning
  • Zirconia umbrella discs
  • Membrane screws
  • Umbrella screws
  • Modified Khoury technique

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05.06. – 06.06.2021


2 Days


every day from 9 AM – 5 PM


German with simultaneous translation to Englisch

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Follow the 4.5 h operation and get to know the extraordinary augmentation system BISS.

With the help of this new development, it is possible for the first time to perform extraction, augmentation and implantation in a single ALL IN ONE operation.

You will follow this pioneering operation according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT in full HD 4-channel technology with live commentary by ceramic implant pioneer Dr. Ulrich Volz.