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Bring the expertise of SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS directly into your practice and we will make your team fit for the biological dentistry of the future – THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT

Module 1:
Surgical escort 800 EUR

Module 2:
2 days ZFA-course intensive 2.500 EUR

Module 3:
2 days DHP compact 2.600 EUR
3 days DHP intensive 3.500 EUR


THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT is a holistic treatment concept developed by Dr. Ulrich Volz that is unique in biological dentistry. The pioneering treatment concept with SDS ceramic implants can be adapted to the individual needs of each patient.

Qualified and competent staff is required for a successful treatment as well as satisfied patients. The SDS TEAM FLOW project supports your entire team and leads it to the perfect implementation of the treatment method of the future: THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT. Your team will learn and understand the crucial biological background in order to apply the concept in everyday practice. The expert knowledge comes from first hand experience. You will enjoy an individual and exclusive training offer developed by practitioners for practitioners.

Your instructor Selma Julevic has been working with Dr. Volz for more than ten years and applies the content on a daily basis at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC. She teaches her experienced knowledge nationally in the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER as well as internationally. As a SWISS BIOHEALTH Academy Member, she is the driving force behind biological prophylaxis and developer of THE SWISS BIOHEALTH DENTALHYGIENE and PREVENTION MANAGEMENT CONCEPT.

The work with Dr. Volz and the further training as an ART specialist with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt at the Sophia Health Institute (Seattle/USA) has broadened my perspective on biological dentistry to a new level. Thereby I fully understood that holistic medicine and dentistry should not be considered separately and the greatest patient success is given by a perfectly coordinated team, with the perfectly educated patient.

– Selma Julevic


Includes 0% Kurs

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Submit your patient case and we will support you and your team with the decisive details – regardless of whether you have already gained experience with SDS ceramic implants, are planning a challenging patient case or your first case is approaching.

We will digitally evaluate your patient case with the SDS planning tool and identify your suitable implants. Together with you and your team, we will discuss the specifics of your case in advance and determine possible risks and opportunities (e.g.: correct application of the SDS drilling protocol, optimal vitamin D3 value/LDL value, etc.).

Your team will gain important know-how on the handling of SDS ceramic implants by optimizing the hygiene processes of the surgical tray or discussing the correct use of the ozone device.

Together with you we will conquer the path to future-oriented, minimally invasive and biological surgical techniques according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT – all of this will happen live in your practice.

We support and accompany you the whole day from set-up to time management. Together we will create your perfect team-workflow – for a perfect result and a HEALTHY & HAPPY patient.


  • Case planning and case discussion
  • Selecting, delivery and configuration of ceramic implants
  • Surgery preparation, surgery assistance and surgery follow-up
  • Medical support protocol according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT
  • Support-Tool-Integration


You are an SDS user and place SDS ceramic implants? You want your team to speak the same language, live the same workflow and firmly integrate your biological practice philosophy into your practice structure?

Successful patient treatment according to the future-oriented SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT requires a trained team.

The optimal implementation of biological dentistry in combination with ceramic implants requires the practice team to understand the bio-medical and dental background. Core topics such as the explanation of the meridian system as well as interference fields in the oral cavity and their effects on the body are important components of this module.

Through hands-on demonstrations, workshops and hands-on sequences participants will learn how the dental treatment of the future will work. From blood sampling, mixing and applying infusions to the Low Speed Centrifugation Concept, all medical adjunctive therapies relevant for THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT are demonstrated step by step in practical exercises.


  • Basics of biological dentistry– THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT
  • Introduction to SDS ceramic implants
  • Training for surgery preparation, surgery assistance and surgery follow-up
  • Medical support protocol according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT
  • Support-Tool-Integration


Prophylaxis fundamentally requires a new approach and way of thinking. Experience the leading biological prophylaxis concept by and with Selma Julevic:


This module will bring your biological practice philosophy and the prophylactic treatment up to date based on the latest scientific findings in biological medicine and dentistry.

Tailored to your needs, we coordinate the prophylaxis treatment together with your team. The main focus is on the root cause. Only after defining that is it possible to heal the patient in the long term. The focus here is on the supplementation of macro- and micronutrients as well as on detoxification possibilities of the glymphatic system. Experience an exclusive support with practical sequences in your practice.
Learn about biological, clinical, as well as home-based – minimally invasive adjuvant therapy options in preventive and periodontitis therapy and implement them directly with your team.


  • Biological prophylaxis according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT
  • SDS-ceramic implants – Dos and Don‘ts of professional dental cleaning
  • Biological periodontitis concept
  • Biological wound management
  • Adjuvant biological therapy options in prophylaxis therapy

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Event location

In your rooms


Monday – Saturday according to agreement


By arrangement


1 day Surgical escort 800 EUR, 2 days ZFA-course intensive 2.500 EUR, 2 days DHP compact 2.600 EUR, 3 days DHP intensive 3.500 EUR

Education Points

8 per day (points are awarded exclusively on the basis of the criteria for "Awarding points for continuing education BZÄK/DGZMK").


If you are specifically interested in a particular topic, please indicate this in your message to us and we will be happy to prepare specifically for your needs.

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