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Have you always dreamed of meeting the world’s top experts and taking home both the icing and the cherries on the cake symbolizing their invaluable knowledge, experience, inventions and concepts? This two-day congress is unique in its kind because, over their 30 years of tireless work, Dr. Ulrich Volz and his team have created a network that spans from Asia to North America and from Scandinavia to South Africa. The development of ceramic implants at our company had a catalytic effect, as these experts had either been waiting for a metal-free option or would at least prefer it for themselves and their patients. Being at the forefront of biological dentistry has additionally strengthened these connections, and allows us to bring new world-class scientists, researchers and experts to our SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION stage year after year!


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What can you expect and what will this congress be about? As we age, many of our bodily functions, such as the ability for deep sleep, the production of hormones and neurotransmitters, HGH growth hormones, stem cells, and many more, decrease. This is accompanied by aging, loss of energy and an increased risk of chronic disease. Our top experts will show you how to regain a young person’s energy levels, enabling you to enjoy your life and the freedoms associated with it all the more despite aging, not needing to be afraid of old age. Provided we have the correct knowledge and apply it consistently, the final decades of our lives can be an extremely satisfying time and a valuable way to round out an eventful life. This is something you do not want to leave to chance, but rather do something about it using natural methods, to stop the aging process and turn it into a fulfilling experience. As we did in 2020, we will be focusing on the topics REVERSE AGING—IMMUNE SYSTEM–PERFORMANCE/ENERGY. The knowledge on the subject of LONGEVITY, tirelessly gathered by Dr. Volz over 25 years, will be made available to you in the form of a course script—our brand new and terrific LONGEVITY FAST TRACK GUIDE—which provides you with brief and clear explanations of all relevant topics, making them easy to implement thanks to abridged, paint-by-numbers style overviews.

The speakers and experts at the 2021 edition of this congress, held for first time in 2020 under the name SWISS BIOHEALTH HEALTH DAYS and completely booked out, will focus more closely on the topics listed above, and update or expand them to include entirely new topics relevant to longevity. In addition, we will introduce the idea of the “Club of 120-year-olds”—come and see what surprises we have in store! The tickets for this congress will sell out quickly. Do not wait and secure your place now—our speakers are guaranteed to inspire you! As a bonus for every booking made, we are offering our recording of the SWISS BIOHEALTH HEALTH DAYS 2020 that can be consulted online. Of course, this recording can also be purchased without booking the SWISS BIOHEALTH LONGEVITY CONGRESS 2021.

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22.10. – 23.10.2021


2 Days


every day from 9 AM – 5 PM


German with simultaneous translation to Englisch

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Follow the 4.5 h operation and get to know the extraordinary augmentation system BISS.

With the help of this new development, it is possible for the first time to perform extraction, augmentation and implantation in a single ALL IN ONE operation.

You will follow this pioneering operation according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT in full HD 4-channel technology with live commentary by ceramic implant pioneer Dr. Ulrich Volz.