Speaker Contest

We would like to offer SDS users a stage to make their first experiences as speakers in a familiar environment. All those who are already SDS users and not older than 45 years at the time of application can apply as speakers.
Registration via the form below, only until June 30


Duration 30 min

Topic can be case presentation, study, investigation, observation


Quality of content (1 - 10 points),
Quality of presentation slides (design, structure, animations, pictorial support),
Rhetoric and presentation (1 - 10 points),
Over all presentation (5 points)


The jury consists of the entire audience, which in turn consists exclusively of SDS users. Anyone 46 years and older may evaluate the speakers based on the points described.

What to win

The winner, chosen by our jury from a maximum of 10 speakers, will receive a trip to the USA in November 2022 as a prize. Together with Dr. Ulrich Volz, he will give his winning presentation at 3 of the ROADSHOW dates in the USA, as well as a speaker slot at the ICOI World Congress in Las Vegas.
Tampa Bay, FL Nov. 7, 2022
Alexandria, VA Nov. 8, 2022
San Antonio, TX Nov. 10, 2022
September 3, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Participation as listener & member of the jury

Participation is free of charge, but is reserved exclusively for SDS users, for your participation you will receive a certificate. There is no registration deadline, but the places will be booked out quickly.

Registration for the Speaker Contest
as a speaker or participant

For questions, contact Ms. Ayla Tavit by email at
If the title or topic has not been finalized at the time of application, please submit the following information in arrears to Ms. Ayla Tavit via email to no later than July 15, 2022.

07. – 15. September 2022

Lernen Sie SDS ACCELERATE, das Konzept für erfolgreiche Sofortimplantation, an nur einem Abend in Ihrer Stadt kennen – mit  Dr. Ulrich Volz

MÜNCHEN 07.09.2022
STUTTGART 08.09.2022
NÜRNBERG 09.09.2022
BERLIN 10.09.2022
HAMBURG 11.09.2022
BREMEN 12.09.2022
HANNOVER 13.09.2022
DÜSSELDORF 14.09.2022
MANNHEIM 15.09.2022