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Opt for ceramic implants for your implantology needs. Our selection of full ceramic implants covers a variety of dental applications, providing optimal care for your patients.

Become an Expert in Ceramic Implantology

Become an Expert in
Ceramic Implantology

In our SDS Education trainings, you have the chance to tap into the expertise of our seasoned dental professionals. Elevate your proficiency and hone your abilities through our tailored in-person or virtual instructional sessions.

High-Quality Ceramic Implants

"BRIGHT, our premier model lineup, comes packed with cutting-edge technology and a wide array of functionalities, ensuring you're ready for any circumstance."


Ayla Tavit
Head of Customer Success Management

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SDS goes beyond mere product provision. We serve as your ongoing liaison, imparting invaluable expertise, coordinating additional educational opportunities, and proactively assisting you with case planning.

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