Marketing and information material for SDS users
SDS Media package

The SDS Media package contains various marketing and information material, e.g. several flyers for patient education, a roll-up, USB stick with waiting room TV, as well as a “Certified User” certificate in acrylic glass.

  • CERTIFIED USER as a plot foil for the glass pane or the practice door to be stuck on
  • SDS Roll-Up Set-up, 180 cm for your waiting/treatment room and for lectures/events. Front side: SDS implants and back side meridian system
  • Certified User under acrylic glass: An eye-catcher for the wall. Serves as an explanation and identifies you as a trained SDS user
  • Brochure stand made of high quality real wood, for the presentation of your individualized brochure flyers
  • 6 customized patient education folders (300 each): NICO/FDKO, dental hygiene, ozone therapy, dentures with SDS ceramic implants, vitamin D & micronutrients, root canal treated teeth
  • QR code business cards (250 pcs). Lead to download the 6 patient flyers
  • SDS USB stick with waiting room TV Ceramic implants and meridians/symptoms and other digital components
  • Implant model 5:1 "Implants to touch"
    On the 5:1 model you can better explain the function of the ceramic implants.
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