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SDS – The innovative leader for immunologically neutral dental implants.

We provide a broad range of zirconium oxide implants. Our ceramic implants are optimised according to the principles of biologic dentistry. Non-metallic dental implants offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for overall health, which begins in the mouth. The premium products, service and training in the SDS portfolio complement each other synergistically.

Swiss Biohealth Education

The symbiosis between biological medicine and biological dentistry, as well as biological treatment concepts and protocols, forms a new foundation for the future of biological medicine.

The extensive training and work shadowing programme at SDS take place on site and at the premises of the sister company SWISS BIOHEALTH, which are located in the Swiss border city of Kreuzlingen, on Lake Constance. Broadcast on large screens, the live video of surgical procedures provides ideal conditions for courses and work shadowing.



SDS ceramic implants: developed and improved through practical experience to offer good aesthetics, stability, precision, osseointegration and health. Combined with state-of-the-art surfaces, the Dynamic Thread® implant design provides the ideal solution for all bone categories. Consistently non-metallic, SDS implants provide good bio-compatibility. The zirconium oxide used by SDS is the material of choice in bio-immunological implantology.



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