Referral events

We support our active users in the implementation
events on the road to success

Networking and information events give you the opportunity to expand your professional network of referrers and prosthodontists, or cooperating alternative practitioners and convince them of your concept.

Educate patients about the benefits of your treatment!

The location

We recommend you to hold the event in your own premises, because there you have the highest authenticity and the participants already feel the DNA and air of the practice

Finding a date

When finding a date, consider the needs of your intended target group! You will be able to generate the most participants in the late afternoon/early evening.

Media Package

Our Media Package includes patient flyers and a roll-up, which are perfect for supporting your events.




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Our support team assists you with personalized planning


Provision of
marketing material

flyers, presentation, etc.





With our support to success!

Marketing material

Our support team assists you in planning events for patients, alternative practitioners, referrers as well as prosthodontists. Once the nature and date of your event have been determined, we customize your presentation (Keynote/PowerPoint) and provide you with appropriate marketing materials.

Presentations adapted to your target group

We provide you with presentations optimized specifically for this purpose, each as a Keynote or PowerPoint. These are personalized with your logo free of charge.



Referring dentists



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Information about you

Information about the Event
If you would like staff support from the SDS Support Team at your referral event, please select a date from the calendar that is highlighted in green. We are unable to provide staff support on dates highlighted in gray.

CleanImplant certifies dedicated implantologists

CleanImplant certifies dedicated implantologists

Certification gives you access to the CleanImplant Foundation professional network. You can use the award for effective practice marketing and strengthen your patient loyalty.

In addition, through certification you support the ethically important commitment to uncompromising cleanliness of medical devices.