In recent years, podcasts have become increasingly popular, not only because you can listen to them anywhere and anytime—be it while cooking or commuting—but also because they are a personal and authentic knowledge transfer platform.
Various members of the SDS family will be inviting exciting guests to our SDS PODCAST episodes, where you will gain insights into the activities of different ceramic implant market players, e.g. implantologists, company or industry representatives, as well as the people driving research who want to jointly further develop biological dentistry, making it safer and better.

Our Guests

The quality of a podcast can be influenced not least by the participating guests. We have made it our business to get particularly renowned (dental) physicians and luminaries of their field in front of our microphone.
Dr. Ulrich Volz
Dr. Ulrich VolzFounder and owner of SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS
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As a ceramic pioneer and leader of his guild, Dr. Ulrich Volz has his own view of the ceramic implant market and its shareholders. With his holistic treatment concept, he has succeeded in bridging the gap between biological dentistry and surgery, thus combining the best of both worlds.
Dr. Dirk Duddeck
Dr. Dirk DuddeckClean Implant Foundation
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Dentist and biologist who has been researching the consequences and clinical relevance of avoidable contamination and quality defects in dental implants for more than 10 years. The aim is to support colleagues with the necessary expertise and to protect all patients from avoidable risks with serious consequences.
Prof. Dr. mult. Shahram Ghanaati
Prof. Dr. mult. Shahram Ghanaati Präsident der SBCB
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Head of the oncological focus and facial plastic/reconstructive surgeryHead of the FORM-Lab (Frankfurt Orofacial Regenerative Medicine) research laboratory at Frankfurt University Hospital

All Episodes

The audience benefits from the guest’s unique perspective on the industry, as well as on the SDS company and the sector. Stimulating conversations, make the SDS PODCAST a pleasant pleasure, where you learn a lot of new things along the way.

Episode 2 – Dr. Dirk Duddeck talks about Implant Contamination

How is it that a dentist acquires a scanning electron microscope and a few years later establishes one of the world’s most recognized “Trusted Quality Marks” for dental implants and continuously conducts various research projects?
Dr. Dirk Duddeck explains what types of impurities can be found on implants (titanium and ceramic)…