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Become an expert in biological dentistry and ceramic implants within one week!

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The CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY WEEK includes 4 levels:

  • Level 1 – SDS ALLINONE with Dr. Ulrich Volz 
  • Level 2 – Case Planning: Dr. Rebekka Hueber, SBC oral surgeon, introduces you to the SDS implant system and case planning. Using your own x-rays, you will be able to plan cases together with our team and gain an in-depth understanding of the use of the different implant types.
  • Level 3 – OP Hands-On Course: On models produced especially for this course with gingiva and Schneider’s membrane, you will place 10 different SDS implants and perform late and immediate implantations.
  • Level 4 – Prosthodontics Hands-On Course: Create and elaborate the various techniques of long-term temporaries from the moulded part to the high-precision ski boot to the eggshell temporary in combination with prefabricated temporary caps on the “Great on Eigth” upper jaw worked out on the previous day as well as get to know further prosthetic concepts for this sensitive healing phase.

You can either book the whole CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY WEEK level 1-4 or only level 2-4 the CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY DAYS, both options are held in English or with simultaneous translation to English.


We recommend additionally booking the bilingual international congress JOINT CONGRESS for CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY, which is held in German and English and is scheduled between level 1 and levels 2-4.


Includes 0% Kurs

If you are booking on behalf of multiple participants, please include the names of all participants under “Order notes” on the invoice form.

Further information

Level 1 – SDS ALLINONE with Dr. Ulrich Volz – Be part of a new cause- and results-based form of dentistry (two days) with Dr. Ulrich Volz


Dr. Rebekka Hueber

  • Radiographs and DVT analysis
  • Possible applications of SDS implants
  • Immediate and late implant placement, diameter and length
  • Special shapes: Sinus, balcony, shorty or oval implant
  • Creation of planning animation for the patients


Moritz Kneer, Team of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC

  • Incision and suture techniques on the artificial jaw
  • The SDS biological drilling protocol
  • Implant placement of a wide range of indications and implant shapes on the artificial jaw
  • Application of the AIM parallel technique


Caroline Vollmann, Team of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC

  • Prosthetic standards
  • Crown down, from planning to the end result
  • Creation of long-term temporary restoration on the model from the previous day
  • Molded part, ski boots, eggshell temporary restoration

Additional information

Course Dates

May 19 – 20, 2023 (held in English)
Oct. 07 – 11, 2023 (translated to English)
Dec. 11 – 16, 2023 (held in German)


6 days


every day from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


German with simultaneous translation do English

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