Neural therapy with Dr. med. Rainer Wander


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Neural therapy belongs to the regulatory and retuning therapies. The aim of regulation therapy is to normalise malfunctions of the organism. Neural therapy uses the local anaesthetic procaine to decouple interference fields, such as an impacted tooth, for a short time and thus simulate a successful treatment by a planned removal of this tooth in advance. In a matter of seconds, a treatment result can thus be ensured even before the therapy begins.

The prerequisite for neural therapy treatment is precise knowledge of anatomy and neurophysiology, which Dr. med. Rainer Wander will present in this online course.

1. presentation of the course 00:06:08 h
2. neural therapy with Dr. Wander 00:55:30 h
3. bonus: Infiltrating the tonsil pole 00:04:06 h

The course fee includes a 148-page course script, which is available in the download area of the e-learning programme.


Includes 0% Kurs
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In this online course on the subject of neural therapy, Dr. med. Rainer Wander goes into the following points:

Basics of neural therapy
Concept of the focal interference field – latest findings
Pathways of the interference field
Interference field tooth: effect on the whole body
Demonstrations/injection techniques in the head area

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