Nutrition design with Dr. Dominik Nischwitz


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Learn about the complex topic of nutrition with this comprehensive online course

Nutrition is one of the most emotional topics of all.

After this online course, you will be able to further improve your surgical and aesthetic results by providing targeted perioperative nutritional advice to your patients.
Recent studies prove that the building blocks of protein, carbohydrates and fats that we get from food and supplements are critical to rapid healing, collagen production, bone metabolism, periodontal health and the prevention of complications and inflammation. But you personally will also significantly improve your own energy levels and appearance by understanding the nutrients and compounds in your food.

The course fee includes the nutrition design booklet according to Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, which is available in the download area of the e-learning program.


Includes 0% Kurs

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Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, best-selling author, biological dentist, athlete and one of the top biohackers around, deals with the topic of nutrition like hardly anyone else. He explains the absolute basics in developing a long-term, individual nutritional design with the goal of optimal health and performance.

This online course Nutritional Design with Dr. Domenik Nischwitz is part of the curriculum “Specialist in Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants”.

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